Examples of death awareness / death culture:

Death Cafes
Festival of Life and Death
The Order of the Good Death
The Groundswell Project
Dignity in Dying reform to avoid more situations like this one.

And a handful of the many examples of people doing really beautiful, individual work around death:

Song Maker
College Course
Hand Holder
Perspective Creator
Story Teller
Wake Up Call

Death awareness / death culture also covers ground such as living life fully, advance medical directives, end of life planning, death doulas, hospice and palliative care, death as rite of passage, alternative and green burial, celebrants and memorials, loss and bereavement.

There is even a music discipline: Music Thanatology.

Death is "having its day," as it were.

What will 'And then rest' be?

An online artistic project? Sound, video, stories, research? An "on the ground" project working in the palliative / hospice space? A version of music thanatology? Creating rites of passage? Ritual maker? A performative experience "activating" death sites? Ad hoc sacred spaces for group mortality engagement? An interactive workshop via fantastical gypsy-caravaning road-trip singing retreats? Creating space through writing exercises, creative practices, musical engagement, and group prompts that allow for reflection on mortality, perspective, and the big picture? Death Cafe meets Caravaning meets Gypsy Community meets Performance Art meets Self-Improvement Retreat meets Music Camp?