Nora Ryan. Singer, arranger, improvisor.

Performing has taken me from my home in Oregon to NYC, the UK, Ireland, Europe, and China. Stops along the way include venues such as The Elizabeth Foundation, The Cell Theater, Issue Project Room, and Douglass Street Music Collective in NYC, The National Concert Hall and The Back Loft in Dublin, Berlin’s LEAP, and the Auditorium Città di Maccagno nestled in the Italian Alps.

Highlights include my work with Tryst, the vibrant chamber band that I founded with luminous Irish vocalist, Michelle O’Rourke, collaborations in music for voice and interactive electronics with the severely clever programmers Matti Gardner and Mike Dunkley, performing with the prodigious composer / producers of Ergodos, improvisational song creation with British delight Jonathan Brigg, and immersion in Nick Peterson's evocative cinematic world. Other joys have included the Dartington International Summer School and NYFA’s Artists as Entrepreneurs program, study with renowned singers John Potter, Linda Hirst, Milagro Vargas, and Tony Arnold, and technicians Susan Eichhorn-Young and Linda Brice, workshops with lutenist Jacob Heringman, The Meredith Monk Ensemble, The Tallis Scholars, and conceptual triple threat Janis Brenner, garnering Bill Brooks and Tanya Kalmanovitch insights, and a thumbs up from composer Veljo Tormis.

I currently sit on the board of Classical Revolution PDX and am part of the planning committee for Death:OK. Additionally, I am a producer and composer for the video series This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory with filmmaker Kirby Ferguson.

'And then rest' is an expansion of myself off the stage and into the community. I look forward to seeing where it takes me.

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